Friday, November 25, 2011

This is me....

So I am a mom of 3, babysitter or more, and wife to one (thank goodness).
To start, I was born in Toronto, moved to the country, raised by loving parents, have 3 brothers....too much??
I thought so too.

After having my son, almost 10 years ago, I heard all about post-partum depression, and baby blues and thought to myself, "How could anyone be sad when they hold such an amazing miracle in their hands?"
Well, almost 6 months ago I gave birth to my second daughter, a beautiful baby who I loved with all my heart, but I hit a wall.  There I was, standing in my bathroom thinking, "I love this baby, I love my other 2 kids...what is wrong with me?  Why am I so sad?"

So there it was, call it what you will, 'baby blues' or 'post-partum depression'  I knew it wasn't high school (yes, I know, long time ago, blah blah blah) I used to be so very full of energy, so carefree, and, well, HYPER!  For me to have ZERO energy, was pure craziness.  So I vowed to myself, to my kids and to my husband that I would always look on the bright side of life, see the good in everyday, and let God shed his light on everything I was doing.

Needless to say, 5 months of looking on the bright side has led me to want to share my thoughts, to put them out there in cyberspace, and hope that maybe someday, somehow, it will shed light on a passerby who is trying to do the same.

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