Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smelly cat

3 cats.  We used to have 3 stinky cats.  First let me explain how we got into that situation to begin with.

We had this cat named Azara for a long time.  She is what I liked to call a bohemian. 

This is Azara's story:  One time she went missing for 5 months. She left at the beginning of August and I put up posters and got calls all the time saying people saw her.  Shortly after Christmas I received a phone call from OSPCA to say they had my cat.  We moved, she was an indoor cat for a couple years, we moved again into a house, and it was impossible to keep her inside. We locked the doors on thanksgiving weekend and came back to a screen partially removed and one missing cat.  The following May she was returned to us by someone who lived just down the street! 7 months!  We thought she was dead!

When we were living in Belleville, someone told me that some kittens were born under her house, mother had left them and she needed to find a home fore them.  I caved, the minute she said "red tabby".  I came home with THE best cat EVER!  

Meshach's story is simple:  He came to us as a wee little kitten.  We love him, he loves us.  He likes to go outdoors but doesn't stray far from home. He cuddles with my husband, let's the kids pull his tail and pick at his ear hair.  Honestly and truly and WONDERFUL cat. But he has always had other cats around and Azara went missing for 7 months and we figured that she had gone somewhere to die. He was lonely.  At the time I was working for a guy who was trying to find a new home for his nephew's cat.  The cat was friendly and cute.  So I said I would take MARLEY!

I have no photos of this cat.  He was a crazy cat.  He was the reason I put a BAN on cats in my house.  I said after the older cats died we could only have ONE cat, because of Marley.

The moment I let him out of the cat carrier he sniffed around and then hid for several hours.  Eric came home, the cat came out, took one look at Eric and attacked him, hissed at him and ran and hid.  We didn't see much of that cat for 3 or 4 months since he lived in his litter box and hissed at Eric while Eric cleaned the litter around the cat.

Now we have 2 cats, Marley and Meshach and low and behold we receive a phone call from a neighbour saying they THINK they have had Azara for 7 months and they have had her long enough and would like to bring her back to us now.  

This is how we came to have 3 cats.  For months Azara kept running away, back to the house that kept her warm through the winter months and for months the elderly lady who lived there would knock on my front door and drop her back off to me. Obviously she didn't want to live with Marley either!

This past winter, both Marley and Azara passed away.  They were both very old cats, marley being 16 and Azara's age was unknown but approximately 12 or 13.

We were left with our one, nice and loveable cat.  But something changed.  He stopped eating and didn't want to play anymore.  I read about animals going into depression when their pet friends die. My ban on cats was lifted and I sat in front of my computer confused about why I was on Kijiji looking for a kitten.

We got little Ira on Mother's day weekend.  He is now 10 weeks old.

Let me tell you something.... this is THE smelliest cat in the whole world.  His farts clear the room! Not only do they clear the room, but they happen frequently, like, more than hourly. He is freaking adorable, but he is a trouble maker.  He eats plants, thinks everyone is playing with him ALL the time and wants to sleep on our bed, but we don't usually wear gas masks to bed in our house.  Out of fear of waking up and gagging, we have had to lock him down stairs every night.  

So we have 2 cats now.  I am ok with this (I think) I have to figure out the cause of his smelliness, and I hope that he outgrows this kitten playfulness quickly.  Mind you, the whole reason for getting a kitten was to be a companion for Meshach, and all Meshach does is hiss at him.  So I don't know if it worked, only time will tell, but he is eating again!

Now you know the story of my smelly cat and can't help but this of Pheobe and wonder if this is how her "smelly cat" smelled and wonder "What am I feeding him?"

Did you ever have a smelly farting pet?

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  1. Very cute kitties. My pug farts on occasion but I think my two sons smell worse than she does. WE don't have any cats anymore they either ran away or passed so not ready for another one just yet. Love the pics of your smelly kitties though ;-)