Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Garage sale?

This past weekend two of our neighbours had a great big garage sale.  They must have collected items from other people as well, because they were HUGE!  Both sales were to raise money for someone who is currently battling cancer. The sale lasted all weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm.

I had to work on Sunday afternoon but I thought I should send my husband down the road with a few bucks to support the cause and get the kids a little something.

While I am at work I am getting text messages from my husband. "I got tons of stuff!"  "There is lots of good CD's here"  We got "CD's, DVD's, some VHS, some lights and stuffed animals." This was what I expected... pretty typical of garage sale's and my husband, who likes to find a good deal.

Later that afternoon I start receiving text messages about my house being filled with junk.  My husband tells me that he looked out the window and Seth and his best friend are dragging home all of the 'FREE' stuff that was left over from the garage sales.  Later he looks out to see Seth pulled a wagon load of items and Sean wheeling down the sidewalk with a computer chair that is also full of garage sale items.

By the time I get home at 10 o'clock I am expecting disaster. There is Eric, sorting through a pile of CD's and listening to random ones to see if he likes any of them.  There is a pile of CD's for me, mostly pop from the 90's.  There is a box of DVD's and VHS's for me to decide what I want and don't want.  I enter Seth's room where he has a T.V. sitting ontop of the desk chair that I mentioned previously and nice leather bar stool and a few new random stuffed animals. I guess we were lucky and his friend took home most of the really junky stuff, we just got saddled with the CD's and movies. (which isn't such a bad thing to be stuck with, if you are my husband)

Yet on Monday morning, when I went down to play with the kids in the basement I was in for 2 shocking surprises.

This here GIANT bear is sitting in my chair...

and as I started to do a little dusting I noticed this staring at me...

A wee bit creepy considering that the mother is missing her eyeballs.

At this point I still feel like we got off pretty well.  There were quite a few good CD's and DVD's for the kids.  Mind you on Monday evening I heard from an other parents that my son and his friend were back down the street, looking for more junk to bring home....

1, We don't have a pool... so why the pool noodles?
2, we don't have an xbox... so why the xbox guitar?
and 3, How the heck did you manage to bring home a BAR!?!?!

Looks like I am going to have to have a garage sale!