Monday, September 17, 2012

Grace at my House

A good friend of mine and I read a book together last year.  We called each other once a week, and talked about what we read and what was going on in our lives. The book was called 'Grace based Parenting' by Dr. Tim Kimmel.  I recommend this book to all parents, but especially Christian parents as it really speaks on the basis that we, as parents, need to be able to show the same grace as our Father shows us, to our children.

I made this as a reminder that God has given us his grace so I can make mistakes, and so can my kids.


  1. I love what Grace gives you the freedom to do - especially make mistakes.

  2. That was a great book and I refer to it often!! I got your email last night too!Thanks!! Just been busy with the in laws here too! Do you get Thriving Family Magazine? They had a whole section by Tim Kimmel on Grace Based Parenting! I will chat to you soon!!!!