Monday, March 04, 2013

Ikea - the inspiration!

On Friday night we took a trip to Ikea.
After walking around and around and around, my son found his bed in a room. There was a nice little sitting room underneath it, which inspired him to clean his room.
We bought fabric for new curtains (he was living with Batman ones) and I made some of his old t-shirts into pillows.

Seth's first tie died shirt, 2 shirts from Eric's travels, the Bull from Spain and obviously the NY from New York.
And he received the other t-shirt when his drawing  was published in a magazine when he was in grade 2.

He moved his beanbag chair up from the basement, rearranged the TV and VOILA!

Here is Seth, thoroughly enjoying his room! He says he can't until he is sick and is forced to spend the whole day in there!

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