Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wedding weekend!

This weekend my husband's cousin got married.  They had a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful, fun filled reception. 

My husband and I went without children.  We were trying to recall the last time we spent a night together without our children and decided that it was before we had Lucy.  In fact, I found out just days before my friend's wedding (weddings are a good reason to leave the kids at home apparently, so who wants to get married next?) that I was expecting Lucy! So it was almost 2 years ago.

Enjoying a kid free car ride, Eric is singing (no, he isn't good)

We had a LONG drive. 4.5 hours.  Thank God we had no children in the car! With just us two adults we managed to only stop to pee once, and get gas once. We made it to the hopping town (can you call it a town if it is only home to 8,500?) of Renfrew!  

I kept looking out the window, hoping to find a chip truck on our journey, but alas, we found all the chip trucks on our way home today, and none on Saturday. The first place we stopped at in Renfrew was a little celebration in the downtown, and Eric and I continued to explore the downtown area and grabbed some super duper delicious sushi!

We tried to check-in, but we were told there was no room ready for us, so we pulled over to a vacant side street and changed in the car! We are pretty good at that! I did my makeup in the mirror of the car, and TA-DA!

We are such a good looking couple!

The bride and groom are also a good looking couple! They played great 70's music (I am 26, so I am not re-living my youth, I just love that music) and looked 'oh-so' in love!

We enjoyed the wedding in it's entirety! We tore up the dance floor until the wee morning, and couldn't have had a better time!

What we could have done was got a little more sleep! Ha ha ha! Morning came early.  We planned to leave at 9am. 9am came and went. We planned to leave at 9:30am instead. 9:30am came and went. We ate breakfast and planned to leave at 10am. 10am came and went and with it came all of Eric's relatives that were staying at the same hotel. So we finally got out of Renfrew by 10:30!

I was tired after chasing gophers all night (seriously, there are gophers all over the place!) They were digging in every grassy area in the 'town' of Renfrew! I didn't catch the kids a new pet, but was tired out and promptly fell asleep once the car was moving.  

About an hour later Eric says, "Do you remember going through this place?"

I open my eyes to see a little place called Eganville and to find that my husband has been going the wrong direction for the past 30 minutes. (This happens to us A LOT! Feel free to read THIS for an other interesting story about us getting detoured)

So I failed my job as Navigator but was able to redeem myself and get us back to our original route, and we only wasted a couple minutes (according to Eric. In actual fact, we lost approximately 30 minutes). So we left 1 1/2 hours late and took a 1/2 hour detour. We could have been home 2 hours earlier, but that is just what a car ride with the Seaborns is like!

But, we made it home alive. Our kids were alive too! Well taken care of by my brother and my mother. Seth scored his first try at his rugby festival on Saturday morning. I guess he was showing off for his uncle! My mom and brother packed up and took Seth with them for a couple days and Eric and I were left with the 2 BESTEST girls in the whole world, so we took them out to the park/splash pad.

They missed us!

And we missed them too!

We certainly enjoyed a rare weekend away from our children, but I love getting them back into my arms for some good cuddles!  

If you are interested in watching, take a look at this video of Miriam singing us an awesome song. I call it "I love my mom, I love my dad. I love them a yot!"

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a great post Kathryn!! Sounds like you had a really fun time at the wedding......Renfrew...I have some stories out of Renfrew!! hahah! The video of Miri was adorable! QUite the preformer! It's like the structure was her stage and she was running all over it just like a performer would do!!