Friday, June 29, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I am finding more and more that Miriam, my 'spirited' child is just like me.

She is smart, observant, and extremely stubborn.

On occasion I have found myself arguing with Seth, (who is 10, and often times, right). I argue and argue and argue and then he explains his point and I am left with my mouth hanging open wondering how I am going to tell him that he was right, and I was wrong without actually having to say those words.

A couple weeks ago Seth told me that his friend's clock is set 5 minutes later than ours. He felt enlightened by this fact as his friend is usually 5 to 10 minutes late every time he comes over.
 I, on the other hand was... umm... confused!?!  and I argued that if his friend's clock was later than ours, that would mean he would always be here early! I must have fought with him for 5 minutes before he finally explained it in 'laymen's' terms for me, and then I felt incredibly stupid.

So today, Miriam walks up to me and says "Summer is fall!"

"No, Miriam.  Summer comes before fall. They are different seasons."

"Sometimes they are the same though, right mom?"

"No, Miriam." I reply, wondering where she got this idea from, "Summer is hot, the flowers are here, the trees are green.  In fall the leaves turn brown, the flowers and the trees go to sleep for the winter."

"No, mom." Miriam speaks with the same tone I was using and finished the conversation with, "Summer is fall. It always is."

No point in arguing. If she is like me, which I believe she is, this could go on for years before she finally understands the difference.

Maybe I should get Seth to explain it to her!!

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  1. I don't even argue anymore I just say Oh! or for me every time.