Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping Memories

Well, December is a busy month for everyone!  Decorating, shopping, baking, cooking, and then there is all the regular everyday stuff that goes on!  Excuses, excuses... I haven't written anything in 9 days, and I have been thinking of things, and not writing them down...  and now I am done with excuses.

My oldest daughter will be 3 in just 2 months!!  3 years has gone by sooo qucikly. All mothers (and fathers) know that in a blink of an eye, your child is grown up and leaving for college.  Before being a parent, that sounds like joke, but really, my son is almost 10.  Where has 10 years gone??

It seems like 3 is that perfect age where children are brutally honest, and can articulate well enough to be understood. Therefore they leave you feeling embarrassed when they quote you word for word, when it was something you regretting saying the moment it slipped out of your mouth.

Back when my son was a wee little dude, before he had a filter between his brain and mouth, he always said the most hilarious things and I always thought to myself "Oh, I will never forget that he said that!!"  WHAT WAS I THINKING??  Looking back now I wish I had been keeping a note book!

First allow me to share some of the few hilarious things I can remember, and then I will give you all an idea.

We sat in the bathroom after a bath one evening, arguing about cutting finger nails.  Seth did NOT want his finger nails cut.  This little disagreement was happening for WAY too long. Finally I asked why he didn't want them cut and he answered "None of my friends like me with short finger nails"

His cute little mispronunciations like "Ambleeeeance" for Ambulance  and "Hamburmur" for Hamburger and "Roggeee Odge" for Rawley Lodge (which was the resort my parents owned when I was a child, and when he was small)  Those few things I wrote down are things he LOVES to hear about, especially when his little sister says something goofy.

Miriam's crazy quotes

One awful day on the emotional roller coaster that is Miriam's life she said to me "Mom, I just want to marry a prince!"

Just the other day while I was brushing her hair *SIGH* "Someday..... my prince will come"

The morning chaos that happens in every household across this country ended with me BEGGING Miriam to eat something..  "Cereal? Toast? Yogurt? Something? Anything?"
 Miriam very calmly looks over and says "I'll have a chocolate bar!"

My hubby was hard at work the past 2 weeks to make a christmas sweater for a party.  He had never touched a crochet hook before, but decided to take on the task.  And I will admit, he didn't do too badly!!   The morning of the party (which was also the morning he finished making it) he wanted to model it for us.  Miriam looked up and said "Daddy!!  Take that sweater off!!"
                               (show off his talent! hahaha!!)

I know I am not alone here! Once our kids start talking, and start trying to make sense of the world they really do say the darndest things!

I hear my nephew decided to bring some ice home from school last week and stored in it his backpack at recess...  Now that's hilarious!

So here is what I think I am going to do, and hope and pray I can stay on top of this...
I am going to purchase one of the small 8x8 scrapbooks get some fun paper, and colourful pens and write these funny stories.  I know I would love to take a look at some of the crazy/funny things I said as a kid.  We all know the few stories that our parents have told over and over, or the things that we made a big deal about,

A child's mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Innocence, and natural curiousity. Lack of fear (or pronunciation) and just the ability to see things completely differently than adults... can we bottle it and sell it??  All children just seem like they are wired to become inventors!