Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hypocritical New Year

I'm all set up here in my own little world.
2012 is upon us.  Maybe the apocalypse is coming, if we judge this by the Mayan calendar.
If we listen to what my Oma used to say, the apocalypse is always very close at hand.  Only God knows.

Happy New Year!

'So what is your new year resolution?'


I have ALWAYS hated making resolutions.  Well - kind of.   I like making resolutions on my own terms, not when the rest of the world is making them and telling me that January 1st is a chance to change things up, improve and become the person you have always wanted to be.

My previous statement should read :

I have ALWAYS hated making New Year resolutions.

I am frequently sarcastic, and sometimes cynical and judgemental (this is one of those times) and occasionally I am a hypocrite (this is also one of those times).

Why is it that we always make these extreme promises to ourselves for the new year?  By the end of 2012 we will be remembering... or perhaps we will have completely forgotten, what our resolution was.  We will be left feeling guilty and ashamed.

GUILT!  Why does it always consume us?  WE HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!!  We just celebrated Christmas, this miracle of life, the son of God given to us so that when we sin, WE ARE FORGIVEN!

And here is the clincher.. most of our New Year resolutions are NOT some sin we need to stop, it is things like "I am going to eat well"  or "I am going to exercise more" or "I am going to work less/more"  or "I am going to be a happier person!"

Sheesh...  I know, I am being a cynic, and now I am going to join ranks of the hypocritical.

My New Year resolution is to stop feeling guilty! 

I am going to eat vegetables, because it makes me feel good, but you better believe I am going to grab the last cookie out of the jar as well!

I am going to go for walks because I LOVE fresh air, but I am also going to be glued to the TV for new episodes of Glee and Grey's anatomy.

I am going to be kind, patient and nurturing with children, but I am human, I am going to become impatient and frustrated from time to time.

I am going to pull my bible out before bed and read, but I will also fall asleep with it on chest.

I am going to clean my house (but mostly just before people come over).

I want to live each day til I die!  GUILT FREE PLEASE!

(But just so you know, there are times when I am going to feel sooo sooo guilty, and I guess that is ok too!)

Oh, if you are reading this, and never feel guilty about things... you don't have kids yet.

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