Monday, March 26, 2012

Yet another party..

I should sound thrilled.  Parties are FUN!! (I am saying this sarcastically only because of sheer exhaustion)
I think they are fun for the person the party is for... the person who gets to do all the organizing and decorating may be a little stressed out though.

My mother in-law turned 60 last week.  I was put in charge of decorations.  I love to decorate.  I love to turn the boring, ordinary and routine into something different.  I had a great time making decorations and I even  enjoyed putting them up in the hall.

The party I am now dreading is Seths.  You know that cute little blonde boy.  The one with a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin!?!?!  You know him, right?  Well, he is going to be 10!  Yes, 10 I said it.... 10!!!!!  I have to say, I am a little upset about it.  I hardly get to cuddle with him anymore.  I don't get to give him kisses, instead I am popping pimples.  *sigh* the good ol' days when I could lie in bed with him and read for an hour.  Now I have 2 other children, a husband and a house to look after, so I don't get to lie in bed with him - ever.

Oh, I am so good at getting off topic.  My point here...  I was sooo preoccupied making decorations for my mother in-law that I totally forgot to plan ANYTHING for Seth. On our way home last night Seth was giving me a list of names and we were talking about party ideas for NEXT WEEKEND.  I needed to jump on those invites immediately!

Do you ever have a moment where you say the stupidest thing, and you realize it once it is too late to do anything about it?

I called Seth's good friend right away to make sure he was free next Saturday. I was talking to his mom and she was explaining his hockey schedule and that Seth's friend would indeed, be free to celebrate with him.  She said "Mike (not the kid's real name) has hockey in East Gwillumbury til 2:30."

Caution: my stupidity comes in here...

I reply "Hey!!  I used to live in Belleville! We used to go to public skating stuff there! Oh it was great!"

uhhhh - East Gwillubury is not ANYWHERE near Belleville... I mean, they are both in Ontario, and Ontario isn't THAT big.  (I didn't think that excuse would fly.)

She was gracious and just said, "Well there you go!" and really, she was thinking "What does that have to do with East Gwillumbury?"

I hung up the phone with her, turned to Eric and said, "I. Am. An. Idiot!"

I wonder what she thinks now.  Most likely she has completely forgotten, or figured she didn't understand the reference and doesn't care. Here I am dwelling on my stupid response which never made any sense to begin with, and I have no clue why I said it.

After getting over the fact that Seth's friend's mother now thinks I have lost my marbles, I sat down to make 2 more invites.  Seth decided he would like to try having a sleep-over, so I figure 3 guests is plenty!

This is what I came up with for an invite.... not as cool as Miriam's, but I didn't have much time.  I wanted my bed.

I am still freaking out about him turning 10.  I may be in tears on Thursday morning.  Only 7 more years and he will be leaving for college.  More than half of his life living with his mother is over....  *sadness*

On a happy note: Check by on Wordless Wednesday for photos of my M.I.L.'s birthday decor and party!!


  1. I know the feeling! Every time I plan a party, I get stressed and say I'm never doing this again...but of course I do. Sounds like you have been crazy busy!!

  2. I definately know the feeling!! My son turns 10 this year...where does the time go?? I feel as my kids get bigger my mind slips sometimes. I say things that don't make sense, I misplace things and I forget about stuff all the time. I think as the kids brains are growing they somehow suck all of my knowledge from mine! Haha

  3. My oldest just turned 7 and that was hard, I can't imagine 10. But the invites are cute. Don't tell him I said cute. No boy wants cute invites.

  4. Aww, I didn't think what you said was dumb at all. Just nice conversation filler. I say much dumber things than that every time I'm on the phone. :)