Sunday, June 10, 2012

The many hats of Motherhood

I've been a mother for over 10 years.  I often feel like it still isn't quite real, like I am still playing house with my friends in grade school.  3 children look up to me, and depend on me, and I feel like I am playing pretend. Don't get me wrong, I don't really think this is a bad thing, I think this means that I am still enjoying it most days and loving my children a ridiculous amount.  Yet the many things I have become for my children over the past 10 years is astounding.

And I know I'm not the only mother who becomes these things.  In fact, EVERY mother becomes these things.  

If you nurse your children when they are infants you are a buffet.  If you are bottle feeding, you become robotic with routine... scoop formula, add water, shake it like a mad woman, heat, and feed.

You are a nurse, and a doctor.  You are your own emergency response team.  

Most mothers become professional mouth sweepers, shoving your finger in your babies mouth to remove the items that do not belong.

You are a cook, a baker, a maid, and a taste tester.  

You are a hairdresser, a body washer, a bum wiper and an aesthetician.

Depending on your children, you have become a pirate, a train conductor and a hockey player.  You have become a queen, a princess, a dancer and a fairy.  You have become a story teller, a singer and a musician.

You are a confidant, a psychologist, a prosecutor and a judge. 

You are a teacher, a student, an assistant and a supervisor.

You are the creative queen, an actor, a photographer and an artist.

You are a decorator, an organizer, a counsellor and a schedueler.

You are a comforter, a cuddler and the best smell in the world. (even when you haven't showered)

You are the good guy. You are the bad guy. 

You make your kids laugh, smile, cry and scream.

You are loved.

I was never much for routine.  So this is nice for me, never the same thing twice.

I'm still growing up too, maybe all of these different hats will inspire me to one day change my 'real' profession.  Until then, I enjoy what every day brings.

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