Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A morning after little sleep.

No one in this house got much sleep last night.  It was too hot!  Lucy woke everyone up at 3am, with an unseen amount of curls in her hair, screaming and screaming. (BTW, I have never had a baby with curls before, so I am enjoying this SO much!)

When Miriam wakes at 6am, I had just fallen back to sleep.

I managed to get out of bed, brewed myself a coffee (which is something I am not supposed to do anymore according to my amazing gastro MD).  I poured it over ice, because who drinks hot coffee in the summer anyways!?! (or drinks hot coffee when they have children, because realistically, my iced coffee is barely even 'iced' anymore and I have yet to finish it)

Allow me to explain this first - I do NOT allow food or drinks in the basement.  They get forgotten, or the cats knock them all over the place, and I don't like bringing dirty dishes up from downstairs.

This morning Miriam and I went downstairs, she hands me one of her little princess cups (which I assumed was from yesterday that she snuck downstairs).

"Miriam, who brought milk down here?" I ask, knowing the answer.

"I brought milk down here but that's not milk mommy!  That's YOGURT!" Miriam replies with her usual surly tone, "Seth must have brought yogurt down here, and he used MY princess cup!"

I couldn't help but laugh.  She is pretty good at laying the blame on her older brother, but in this instance, I think she actually believed it!

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  1. I thought you were gonna say that milk looked like "yogurt" because it had curdled overnight in the heat or something!! that wouldn;t have been good!