Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I am sorry I missed Wordless Wednesday.  I feel like a bit of a fraud, blogging as I please, when I have time and it is convenient for me.  I rarely miss Wednesday because it requires no thought and almost no time! But I chose to skip it because today, I have words, and I have photos, but also a lot of words!

I should have wrote everything sooner, but I didn't... I have no excuse, only that I didn't.

On our way to Brockville, we were able to stop in on a good friend of mine.  I hadn't seen her in quite a while, and although we keep in touch almost daily, it was nice to actually see her face, her children's faces and her husband's face.
my girls and Erin's boys

We headed from Trenton to Brockville, met up with my brothers, went out for dinner and then headed back to the hotel. The boys (which means my brothers and my husband) went out for a couple drinks while the women were trapped in their hotel rooms by sleeping children. That was ok, because it gave me time to paint my daughter's, my mother's and my own fingernails!

We went for a tour around the Brockville area the next morning.  We saw the new house my brother and his wife just bought, and we went to a neat little garden that has tons of biblical statues and quotes.

There was a nice little ceremony in a gazebo, down by the water's edge. My brother's daughter was the flower girl, wearing a beautiful white gown just like her mommy

My other brother's son was the ringbarer and wore a cute little tux just like HIS daddy, who was a groomsman.

All in all, a beautiful little wedding with lots of close family and friends.

Whoo hoo!  Ben opened the champagne!

I grew up with 3 brothers, and no sisters.  My mom and I were the "girls" and I always liked being an only girl in a family of boys, mostly because I didn't have to share the bathroom with a sister (although my one brother takes an awful long time to get his hair 'right') and I got boyish hand-me-downs which I thought were WAY cooler than girly things.

Now, between spouses and grandchildren, the girls are out numbering the boys 9-7. Weird how things change over time!  I am happy for my brother and his wife (my sister in-law)!

Now I just have one brother who isn't married, but is engaged!  Can't wait til he is married next fall!

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  1. Great post Kathryn! Those are pretty good looking kids sitting in that buggy!! Good looking and pretty sweet too! Glad the wedding went well! The pictures look great!