Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The ongoing battle with...


Yup, zits, pimples, acne, whatever you want to call it, I still get them and so do a A LOT of other mommies.

They make me feel like I am 17, and not in a good way! They make me feel self conscious and just plain gross.

I've been thinking about this more and more since Seth has started getting them.  My poor 9 year-old boy with lots of little pimples all over his forehead!  I am always tempted to go on a popping spree (hahah) and get rid of all those little white heads for him, but he won't let me near his forehead.

But what causes this anyways?  For Seth, I think it is the fact that his oily hair is constantly resting on his forehead, because long hair doesn't look good if it doesn't cover part of your face!?!?!  For me, I guess it is hormones, what I eat, stress and perhaps a plethora of other things. My body doesn't seem to know if I am 26 or 17, but either way, they pop up here, they pop up there, everywhere they pop up and I just want to scream!

Let me keep this short and sweet because the topic is less than desirable.

If my body doesn't know whether I am 17 or 26, maybe other people aren't sure either!  And in 15 years time, when I am (gasp) 41, and people think I am 30, things will be great!

Last night when I was shopping with Seth he turned to me and said "Mom, you know that most mothers would only come in this store to buy stuff for their kids right?"

My response was, "Why can't I wear this stuff? I'm still cool enough to wear it!"

"I know" he says, "But you wonder why my friends think you are 16!"

Yes, if pimples and clothing can keep me young (even though I often feel like an old bag)  then BRING IT ON!

At work one evening a lady who has the most exceptional skin told me that she always had oily skin, and lots of pimples, and it's those ladies who had perfect skin that end up all wrinkly. Perfect.

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  1. First comment never posted...but what I said was, you're not alone, I'm 26 too and I have two ugly ginormous zits on my chin right now!!!!