Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Precious, precious sleep...

The topic of the year/month/week/day when you have little kids around is...


None of us have enough of it, and even if we did get it one night, we have about 1 zillion nights to catch up on.  I seriously think I could sleep for a week.  A week straight.  I wouldn't even wake up to pee.

I know you feel me.  I see everyone's Facebook status'  and I know we all need a few extra zzz's.

If you think I am giving you any tips for getting your child to sleep through the night - you are sorely mistaken!

Seth didn't sleep through the night until he was about 6 years-old.

Miriam has just recently started sleeping through the night.

Obviously a little 7 month old is not expected to sleep through the night, but I am always hopeful.

It seems to me that every time Lucy makes it through the night, an other one wakes up for some reason or an other.

I had a couple really good nights with Lucy when she was little (like newborn little) but Seth was up every time that Lucy slept through the night!  And if it is not Lucy or Seth then Miriam sneaks into my bed, tosses and turns all night, and I get zero sleep - as usual.

I have heard that a lack of sleep can actually lead to insanity.  I have no idea where I heard this, it was probably on one of those TV crime shows but someone, somewhere, somehow claimed that they were temporarily insane after several weeks of very little sleep.  There are days that I am glad there is no vehicle left behind for me to get out because I may fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

When I boil the kettle 10 times before I make a tea - insanity.

When I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge - insanity.

When I start talking in a funny, cutesy baby voice and there is no one around (thank God), insanity.

When I get down the the basement and then stand there wondering 'What on earth did I come down here for?', insanity.

When I make it back upstairs and realize I only needed to pee and didn't need to be in the basement at all, insanity.

Get the picture?  You can play along... list the crazy things you do.  Blame them all on temporary insanity.

I don't know what it is about sleep, but we fight it and fight it when we are young.  As teenagers we want to stay up all night and sleep all morning.  As adults (without children) we get regular hours of sleep and think nothing of it.  As adults (with children) we are ready for bed at a time that is normally reserved only for toddlers and the elderly, and still hope to sleep all morning!

A good nights rest makes the next day so much better!  Food tastes better when you are well rested.  You don't crave as many sweets when you are well rested.  A clean house appears to be somewhat attainable when you are well rested, but best of all,  children are like little angels dropped from heaven directly onto your lap - when you are well rested.

There is nothing better than 8 straight hours of sleep... well, except maybe 10 straight hours of sleep.

Yet, when I am awoken by a sweet little voice saying "Aahh, da da da da" I can't help but think I am the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. If I could let you sleep for a week, I would. One day they will grow up and you will appreciate the sleep you receive that much more.

  2. On days where my eyes are burning, I've had three cups of coffee already, and I've put tons of eye makeup on in attempt to cover up the red, I hear ya! I hope we both get more sleep!

  3. Laughed so hard reading this Kathryn!!!