Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unsolicited Advice

Have you ever felt like walking around with a GIANT florescent sign that reads "No Soliciting"??  Forget the front door, I mean wearing it, all the time... everyday.

When I first moved from Belleville to Aurora I felt like I moved from the ghetto into a posh urban utopia.  People smile here! People say hello when you pass them on the street.  Neighbours in cars wave when you are taking a stroll.  This is a family friendly town!  Even the teenagers smile, wave and talk to my kids!  Polite teenagers!?!  Where am I??  Someone pinch me!! In fact, I even overheard one teenager say to an other "Watch your language, there are kids that can hear you!"

Now I have an infant.... teenagers still react the same way, with smiles and silly voices, ooo's and ahhh's. Those friendly adults have become nosey and opinionated adults.

I have been scolded when walking out of the doctor's office for allowing Lucy to be immunized (I should keep it herbal and natural). I have been YELLED at for carrying her in the mall.  I was confronted at the library for being too young to have a baby (this lady didn't even see my other 2 children).  I have been told I need to take Lucy to the doctor for several ailments I never knew she had. I have been given attitude for having my infant on antibiotics.  I have been interrupted by a stranger while I was speaking with a friend to tell me that the chiropractor could paralyze or kill my baby.

I have also been schooled on everything from feeding, sleeping and managing a house.

This is why I need a florescent sign.

I hoped that somehow when I had Seth the placenta would come with a list of explicit instructions for any and all circumstances where I might need help.   And that the amniotic sack was filled with some extra batteries for all the toys he would one day want, but that didn't happen.

So, I have learned a new skill.... my mom might argue that this is NOT a new skill, rather an old skill that I am re-using.  I have perfected the art of nodding, smiling and pretending I am interested without actually retaining one piece of information that is being shared. Granted, my ears do perk up if it seems like valuable information.  Anytime anyone mentions sleep, I am all ears!

Yes, I do believe I have given unsolicited advice on more than one occasion so I am once again being hypocritical.  After giving said advice, I usually dwell on it for days feeling like I overstepped some invisible line, but I don't give it often.  I did not receive any instructions with my children, I have no idea whether what I do will scar them, liberate them or make them stronger.  All of these things have yet to be seen, and differ greatly between the personalities of my children.

Ever hear the saying "Too many hands in the pot spoils the whole batch."  That is what I think of when I get these tid bits of advice here and there.  I know these people have good intentions.  Maybe they feel the appropriate saying goes something about having a village to raise a child.

or maybe they got instructions on their placenta and I should really listen to them.....


  1. Awesome post!I had some good laughs! Unreal that there are so many rude and openly opinionated people out there!!!

  2. Well advise is always good I love it. And there are alot of people out there that think they know everything. When your hurting turn to God live passionately.
    Keep up the good work!
    I love you Kathryn.

  3. Great post! It's so true that you get advice from everyone and anyone when you have a baby, although you seem to have hit some weird annoying jackpot. When I get this advice, I think I do the same thing as you, just nod and smile and then trust myself.