Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Party Prep: Favours

Not only am I planning a party, but I am working, and taking care of children (i.e.: bathing, playing with and cooking for) AND trying to clean house. I thought I would get to clean on part of the house everyday this week, but so far only the kitchen and 1 bathroom have been touched.  There just is NOT enough time during the day - especially when you MUST sit and watch New Girl.

Today I finished the party favours.  Adults coming to the party - do not be disappointed, but these are not for you. These are for the 10 extra kids that will be gracing Miriam with their presence on Saturday...


Cute wooden box
Modge Podge
sponge stick thingy
fancy cricut letters for personalizing
thin permanent black marker (not in photo)

I used the mode podge as glue, brushed it on, placed the letters and brushed it on again... and again... and again. Yes, I did 3 coats over top of the letters.  Then I let them dry overnight (and I used a different box for this photo, do not be shocked by the name change)

I was NOT happy with the finished result so I outlined the letters with a black permanent marker...

Now I am happy with the result.  Kids loved things that are personalized, especially when they have a name that is uncommon and they cannot buy those personalized toothbrushes and keychains in stores. (like Pearce, Genna, Brock, and Hollie. And I feel their pain - good luck finding KathRYN in a store)

All that was left was to fill them with some candies (and a little bottle of bubbles)....

Add a bouncy ball and I'm done with my favours.  I don't expect them to last forever, and I don't expect the kids to go berserk with excitement, I just expect them to fill their faces with the candy that is in them AFTER they go home....

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