Monday, February 06, 2012

Party Prep: PomPoms!

Today I will get into a little bit of party decor!

I am using 2 different types of pompoms.  You can buy all materials at the dollar store.  I will show you the cheaper one first...

Tissue Paper Pompom

Tissue paper

My example shows you how to make 2 pompoms. I used 7 sheets of tissue paper. You may use more if you want it to be poofy-er.

Start buy cutting the paper in half....

then fan-fold it, approximately 1 inch at a time...

then round the ends and tie your ribbon to the centre... (your ribbon length will depend on how low you want it to hang from the ceiling)

Here I like to fold it into a pretty flower...

This is the fun part where you start to see it take form.  Grab one piece of tissue paper at a time and pull them apart...  when you rip them (and you will, it is only tissue paper) just pretend like you didn't and keep going.

and eventually you will end up with a finished product that only needs to be fluffed to look awesome!
On a side note, each one of these pompoms costs approximately 20 cents.

Now onto the more expensive pompom

The Cupcake Liner Pompom

This one is also simple, a little more time consuming, but looks soooo very cool....

I have less photos, but it is just repetitive once you get the idea...


Styrofoam ball (I used a 3 inch ball, feel free to use any size you desire)
1 Pencil
Hot glue gun / hot glue sticks
approx. 80 lrg. cupcake liners per 3 inch ball

Simply wrap the cupcake liner around the pencil as shown...

Use hot glue to stick them onto the styrofoam ball one by one....
That's it.

Each cupcake liner pompom took approximately 20 minutes to make and cost approximately $2 dollars.

I will be hanging 6 of the tissue paper pompoms and 4 of the cupcake liner pompoms from the ceiling above the food table by a sign that reads...

"Tea for #3"


  1. Keep up the good work Kathryn.

  2. I love the pompom's. Really cute decorations, I'm going to try making a few and hanging them in my little guys playroom. Can't wait to see them on Saturday