Thursday, February 09, 2012

Party Prep: Flowers

So today is my 4 year anniversary!  YAY - but boo to not having a babysitter and being to broke/busy to go out for a date.  Tonight we will do our regular Thursday evening routine of getting the kids in bed and watching Grey's.  (But I made 2 extra cupcakes out of the party cake batter, so we will have cupcakes too!)

Eric has refused to do any 'work' tonight.  No party planning or decorating or cleaning.  PERFECT!  I'm not doing any either!

Today instead of allowing Lucy to scrounge around I trapped her in the playpen.  I have discovered that she is intact a scavenger, like the mighty T-Rex.  She crawls around under the table looking for last nights dinner and it does't seem to matter how many times I vacuum, she ALWAYS finds something to put in her mouth.

So my post today is simple... I made some paper flowers.  The small ones are neat, the big one is very cool but both were time consuming. Actually, I'm not sure if they are actually time consuming or if I just think they are because of how frequently I get interrupted by small people.

Here is the big one...


You can find that tutorial here.
(for anyone planning a wedding this site is amazing!!!

And my little flower bouquet...

You can find the link to that tutorial here.

I hope to make more of both, but time is running out and tonight is off limits for crafting.

Can't wait for the party!!

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