Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Party Prep: FOOD!

So today I thought I would get a lot accomplished!  I had big plans for cleaning and cooking, but they didn't really work out since Lucy decided to ditch the old nap routine (which had only been happening for 3 days) and go back to the old-old nap routine which is 2 half hour naps instead of 2 two hour naps...

Miriam, Lucy and I started the morning with a trip to bulk barn.
I got all the things I need to do all the baking needed for the party.
I am feeling ambitious. I will show you what I am trying to do... or what Miriam has requested I do.

That will be an adventure in itself.  Luckily I have requested the assistance of a lovely lady helper on Friday evening. (Thanks Tia)

I actually found everything I needed at either the dollar store or the Bulk Barn, even the edible markers.  I am so excited to give these a try!

I also made a lemon poppy seed cake for the people who will find these little tea pot treats too sweet.  You can find the recipe here...

The party itself is a Luncheon with a tea party theme (I guess, if I had to be specific)

So we are serving 3 types of sandwiches :
Peanut Butter and Jam (because it is a kids party, and they are delicious)
Ham and Cheese
Roast Beef

We are also serving Pickles and Cheese and a Vegetable tray.  I hope that is enough food for a good little luncheon.

As I type this, I keep looking over at Lucy who has been pulling herself up on anything and everything that she can, but still has not figured out how to get down without a big PLUNK.... she is currently stuck under the table...

As you can see, she isn't too upset about it...

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