Monday, February 13, 2012

Party Time!

Well the party has come and gone!  The last post I wrote was on my anniversary and that was because I was too busy rolling cake balls and dipping them into chocolate to post on Friday and too busy making sandwiches on Saturday and working on Sunday...

Feel free to giggle... but don't laugh too hard because you will hurt my feelings!
They obviously weren't as easy as they looked!  We started out horribly but once the chocolate cooled to the perfect temp we panicked and started moving as quickly as possible to dip the balls, add the top, eyes and handle before it dried.
I bought edible markers in hopes of drawing faces on them but they did NOT write well on the chocolate.  Eric and I ended up with paint brushes and coloured icing around midnight to finish them off.

There was an imposture in the bunch... (and a couple purple ones when we ran out of white chocolate)

I set up a little table with the favours.

and we made the sandwiches, decorated our tables to make them "Miriam worthy".  She had requested an entirely "PINK HOUSE" but that was not possible (obviously)

(That is one of the strangest faces she has EVER made!)

I feel pretty good about spoiling her for her birthday!  We don't buy our kids many toys or gifts throughout the year. We figure they can make something or find one of their old toys to play with when they are getting bored.  So I really love to spoil them at Christmas and Birthdays!  She was so happy with the pink tables, the roast beef sandwiches and the chips!  (This girl hates jam... don't ask me why) So she did not like the PB & J sandwiches but the rest of the kids loved them!!

Yesterday we took her to the disney store with $25 to spend on what she wanted... so she bought herself BIG Jessie and Bullseye stuffed animals.  (We went on the right day because the stuffed animals were BOGO - RIGHT ON!)

So she spent the day playing with her toys and enjoying the snow too!

sitting to watch a movie with her new toys

All 3 kids playing in the snow

Tonight Miriam has requested dinner at DQ (which means I don't have to cook!!!!) 
Then a trip to the pet store to get Miriam her first fuzzy pet.. a hamster named Tinkerbell!

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