Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kids in the house

This is something new I thought of.

I will be adding a photo every once and a while, for people without kids to understand people with kids, and for people with kids to know they are not alone.

These photos will be called "Kids in the house"

This will showcase how you can tell that kids live in the house, besides the loud screaming, toys, piles of laundry and general chaos....

There is something on this mantle that just doesn't belong...

Yes, parents display ALL of their children's artwork, even if it does look like it came out of a Tim Burton film.

We only had a little snow, so we could only make little snowmen.  If you open a freezer at someones house and you see this, you know, there are kids in the house!
I am not sure how I would even explain this to my friends WITH kids.  Where did the dirt come from? I just don't know.  Why was it on the toilet seat when I was about to sit for my morning pee... I'm just not sure.  I can tell you one thing, seeing this lets you know one of 2 things, there is something in the house, and it may be kids, but it may also be pets.


  1. Are you going to put the photos on that cute little banner? I love it!

    1. I meant that the next time I find some silly or strange things left behind by my children, I will have my camera ready to get a snapshot and post that photo too! I guess I wasn't too clear!

  2. I love this idea! So cute. I also have the same question- are you going to add in photos? I love your mantel.

  3. Ha! I personally love the dinosaurs on the mantel. :)