Friday, April 20, 2012

The licking continues

I mentioned the other day that Miriam decided to lick the counter, window and door in the dollar store the other day, but yesterday she was hard pressed to keep her tongue in her mouth!  I caught her licking the following....

*The tire swing at the park
*The slide at the park
*Our bench swing in the backyard
*A soccer ball
*Her sister's crib
*Her sister
*The wall
*A book
*A rock
*The T.V.

And this doesn't include the things I expect her to lick like toy food, her plate and her spoon....

As I said before, I hope she doesn't wake up completely ill one day!  It's pretty gross!  Any suggestions on how to get her to stop???


  1. All I can say is interested. I hope this is just a phase she is going through and doesn't get sick from licking something that is totally gross.

  2. I hope the phase passes quickly! All you can hope is that she's building up her immunity big time by doing all that licking. ;)

  3. No kidding, what Liz said! Maybe show her a picture of "germs" that are on everything ;)

  4. Auntie Margaret20 April 2012 at 07:56

    My comments are exactly the same as the first 2 I hope this does pass!

  5. Although it's horrifying for us to think about the germs she might be getting, I think this is pretty normal for this age. You just have to explain to her that by licking these things she is getting tiny bugs in her mouth that can make her sick. Good luck :)

  6. I hope it is a phase too. My daughter puts her month on shopping carts but she is old enough to understand "germs" so I just reminder her.

    Think of this as a good "I can bribe you with this" one day LOL. I do that with my son who use to love to crawl around with socks in his mouth.