Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To be a kid again...

Seth is always telling me about what he is going to do when he grows up.  Forever listing the things he will do differently or the same as I do.

Eric and I always find ourselves saying the same thing "Just enjoy being a kid!"

No responsibilities, way less stress, no money worries, no houses to clean, no people to cook for.  If I could go back to being a kid, even for an hour, I would definitely do it! (not forever though, because I love my kids too much to be away from them)

Miriam is starting to grow up too.  She has recently hit the stage where a single word will make her burst into hysterical laughter.  Words like "Bum" and "Poo" and "Boogers".   Today she ran into Seth's room, looked up at him and yelled "POOOO!!!" and laughed so hard that she fell down and rolled on the floor, no jokes.

The words no longer make me laugh, or even smirk.  I am a true adult when the word 'booger' doesn't affect me. BUT seeing Miriam rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter certainly got me going!

Kids are care-free....  How amazing!!  Yet the other lesson I have been reminded of twice this week is that sometimes care-free is not so great.

Lucy came crawling over to me with fingers that were covered in poop.  She was still smiling, the smell was making me nauseous, and I have no idea where this tiny piece of poop came from, but in this instance, being care-free (and in Lucy's case, not knowing any better) is not a benefit.

We were checking out at the dollar store this evening and I look over at Miriam and see her licking (YES, LICKING WITH HER TONGUE) the window, then she runs over and licks the side of the counter, and runs as fast as she can to lick the door.  She did all of this before I could utter any words to make her stop.  I think my mind was still registering exactly what was happening, but she definitely licked 3 things in the dollar store, and quite possibly more.  An other instance where being care-free may not be so good.

I am just crossing my fingers that she doesn't wake up ill tomorrow morning....

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