Sunday, April 01, 2012

What happens at a 10 year-old's party...

Like I said last week, we VERY last minute, threw together a party for Seth's 10th birthday.  I called his best friend's mom, and he invited 2 other boys from his class for a sleep-over.  One was not able to come, and one is 'not ready' for sleep-overs so he just came for the evening.  We were left with the possibility of one boy actually sleeping over but that depended on the results of his last hockey tournament of the year.

I love boys!  I think they are wacky, crazy, energetic little spirits.  They all strive to be the life of the party and will do almost anything to achieve that.

Let me tell you my story about the craziest evening I have had since college!

The evening started with the arrival of his friends.  They are  all excited to see each other especially since Seth's best friend was transferred to a different school this year.  After arriving they immediately start wrestling, fighting with pillows, and lightsabers.

We planned a scavenger hunt... it took at least 20 minutes for them to stop fighting to start the hunt.  During the scavenger hunt I felt hope.  They were occupied and working together. Calm, peaceful.... oh wait... somehow Miriam's doll has been torn apart, dismembered and thrown into the sandbox.... hope - gone.

Now there are boys hurdling themselves off the little see-saw and down the hill. I came inside and left them unattended in the backyard to preform reconstructive surgery to Miriam's doll.

Seth has recently been making stop-motion and claymation videos and was excited to show his friends... so he did.  They loved them.  In fact they were so excited by his weather reports that they decided they wanted to make one of their own.  How they proceeded was no fault of mine.  I had no control!  There was Seth, sitting in front of the computer, filming himself, now there is boys jumping.... hitting, strangling.... oh wait - dance intermission.... that was interesting... as one sang "I'm sexy and I know it".

We ordered pizza, here is the strangest part -  they didn't want any!  We ordered 3 pizza's for just my family!  (which is kinda awesome because we have left-overs for tonight)

The boys disappeared back outside, and I receive a text message... from my husband which reads "Mike (not the kid's real name) has taken off his pants and shirt and is running towards the road in his underwear"

Geez.  *No control*  After 15 minutes we manage to get them inside.... one still in only underwear.  I am glad he is not dancing now!  I convince him to get dressed before the other boys' dad comes to get him, but he manages to 'loose' his shirt, but at least he was wearing pants!!!

Eric comes up to me and says "That was a real eye opener"

No kidding!  I don't want those guys having any parties at my house when they are teenagers.  That would guarantee streaking...


  1. Sounds like a fun evening for your son.

  2. I used to know two little blond boys, let's call them... "Ben" and, let's say ... "Charlie" who used to wrestle WWF style (when it was stil WWF) they compleatly totaled my big wrinkles dog and "Charlies" bunk bed. Oiy!

  3. Aunte Margaret2 April 2012 at 07:37

    I always enjoy reading bringing light into everyday life.. Sounds like Seth had a blast!

  4. yep..I am the only female now in my house...what you say is true!!!