Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not at my finest...

I lurve Fridays!  The thought of the weekend before it is half way over, a fun day to stay up late with the kids. Actually - I don't do many exciting things on Fridays, but I still think they are the best!

Yesterday could have gone a little better...  Let me give you a quick overview of some the the highlights of my Friday.  (I wish I could say it was Friday the 13th, but it was not - it was Friday the 20th, the Friday following Friday the 13th)

10:30  -Rip tabs off diaper while changing Lucy's bum
10:31  -Secure diaper with masking tape because I am NOT about the throw out a perfectly good diaper.
10:35  -Put Lucy for a nap in her taped-on diaper.

fast forward...

11:45 -get craft supplies out to let the older girls make 'shakers' with tp rolls, rice, dried peas, elastics and wax paper - forget to close the cupboard.
12:00 -turn to run to the basement to use the hot glue gun to close the shakers....
12:00 + 1second -Smash head off the cupboard... watch sight go blurry, feel dizzy
12:01 -look in mirror to see a large indentation on forehead.
12:03 -finish making shakers in the basement
12:04 -ask the girls if they saw me hit my head, they reply "You hit your head?"
12:07 -open fridge to start making lunch and see Seth's lunch bag, realizing this means he ate nothing at his first break, and is probably famished by now.
12:08 -call school, ask when lunch starts, reply "12:15"
12:09 -cramming feet into shoes, arms into coats
12:10 -rudely waking Lucy from her wonderful nap, cramming her arms into a sweater... I might add, she is still in her PJ's AND still wearing a diaper held on precariously by masking tape.
12:11 -get all 3 girls into a double stroller
12:11 +3 seconds -neighbour stops me to chat about the weather
12:13 -run, walk, run, walk, run walk all the way to Seth's school, pushing 3 girls in a stroller
12:13 + 20 seconds -realize that I am far from being in shape
12:16 -arrive at the school, leaving Seth's lunch at the office

fast forward

12:30 -attempting to get the girls off the playground equipment so we can eat lunch, while being quite concerned about the state of Lucy's diaper.
12:35 -all 3 girls back into the double stroller
12:40 -home again, remove all 3 girls from the stroller to realize the tape has failed and now Lucy is wearing wet PJ's and the diaper has made it's way into one leg of her sleeper.
12:45 - things are back on track, only 45 minutes later than expected.
12:46 - exhaustion strikes, and all joking aside, I wonder if I got a concussion when I smashed my head off the cupboard.


  1. Oh hun.. I think we all have days like this! I hope today is better!

  2. yes..I remember those days!! a lot of them!!!!!
    good luck!